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I’ve been primarily vegan for 2 & a half year. I grew up in a Small Southern Town in South GA to a family full of drug & alcohol addiction. I'm very grateful for this because it taught me a lot about what I did & did not want for myself and my own future. It ultimately led to me moving 3000 miles away from home & creating myself in a way that is in alignment with my soul! :) I grew up on Standard American Southern diet of macaroni casserole, weekly bbq, taco bell, processed food, etc and continued that lifestyle through 4 years of college until a hardcore spiritual awakening! I love to hike, meditate, do yoga (especially kundalini), represent my lovely girfriend's crystal business, and I love personal development & entrepreneurship!
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John Jamieson M.

Bookable from LA

Height 185 cm
Dress 50 eu
Shoes 41
Breast 97cm/38“ cm
Waist 79cm/31“ cm
Hips 95cm/37.5 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown