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Mark follows a plant-based diet since December 2017. „After being in preparation for a bodybuilding Competition and eating only chicken, eggs and quark for months, I developed physical complaints. So I watched some documentaries and read more medical papers about plant-based nutrition. The positive effects on the environment were also a big factor for my transition. My diet is mostly shaped around sports for better recovery, sleep and presentations. But sometimes I like to enjoy my life more and not being to focussed on food.“

„Regarding my modeling career, I’ve first been approached for a couple of photoshoots and since march 2018 it has been a rollercoaster with weekly assignments and im loving the ride! I'm increasing my experience with fashion and sports shoots, but also professional product placements on social media as with vegan food products. I am also involved in a couple of TV commercials.

Besides modeling, I started a platform, called „your Plant Based Coach“ to help people make the transition to a plant based diet. I am also a growing influencer on social media, where I passionately advocate the sustainable lifestyle“
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Mark S.

Bookable from Amsterdam

Height 188 cm
Dress 54 eu
Shoes 45.5
Breast 106cm/42“ cm
Waist 92cm/36“ cm
Hips 102cm/40“ cm
Eyes Blue Green
Hair Brown