Some friends of Martin inspired him to give his modeling career a chance, so he participated in a model contest in Vienna 2011 and won it successfully. After winning the contest he started to travel besides studying to finally become a full- time model since 2016. Martin continued his career mostly in Europe and Cape Town. Until there was a time when he decided to pursue a new career as a project coordinator to promote health in companies. „During the last two years I was missing out something, specially traveling so I thought I will give it a try again. That is how I restarted my career with longer hair and beard“
„I started being vegan in March 2015, since my girlfriend introduced me to a magician who she got to know during a lingerie job. This magician, named Ricardo, is nowadays a close friend of mine and he told me about his vegan childhood, his vegan family and about the biocompatibility. He inspired me to give it a try in combination with a purified water and I honestly can say that this move changed my life. During my Bachelor study of science of sports I learned a lot about the “right nutrition“ for “optimal health and performance“ and therefore I tried all different kinds of diets there exists. In the end I am not following any diet at all. During the years, I got to know my body really well. I am not counting any macros nor vitals. I am aiming for 1 – 2 g quality protein (preferable from fermented or sprouted sources) per kg. I try to eat as less fat as possible and gluten-free. The only sugar my body sees comes out of whole fruits and dried medjoule dates."
Besides modeling Martin is doing his Master in trainings-therapy at the University for science of sport in Vienna and still works as a project coordinator in workplace health promotion. On he is also working as a personal coach as well. „If there is some time left, I am spending the hours with my lovely girlfriend or my second girlfriend, the CrossFit gym
That’s a lot of stuff, I know, so to find a better work-life balance I am meditating a lot and reading books and articles which inspire me everyday to be the best version of myself.“
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Martin M.

Bookable from Wien

Height 187 cm
Dress 50 eu
Shoes 44
Breast 104 cmm
Waist 82 cm
Hips 102 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown