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I am Vegan since beginning 2016 and it was one of the best choices in my life. I also proudly represent the vegan community and am involved with Anonymous for the Voiceless for activism.
I was always strongly connected with nature and animals and this was a big conflict within myself. My daily habits were contra-dictional and I found myself as a hypocrite and that was a break through to stop consuming all animal products.
Today, I follow healthy vegan diet so it fits my sporty lifestyle as well.

Regarding my modeling career, I started in Switzerland walking several fashion shows, including Manor, Wenger, Orange, Nespresso and Merino.

But I have even more experience with acting in multiple films, TV shows or commercials. My modeling career was often blocked as I couldn’t associate myself with leather or wool products so many times I had to reject job offers. This is why I would be very happy to represent ethical fashion brands.
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Matt M.

Bookable from Switzerland

Height 183 cm
Dress 48 eu
Shoes 42
Breast 101 cm
Waist 80 cm
Hips 98 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown