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Paris started modeling in the beginning of 2018, when he helped a friend doing a shoot for the Polished Man Campaign. He soon after got very positive Feed-back and signed with Brazen Models in Australia.

„Still being so new to the modeling industry I am happy to say, that I have really just had a great time meeting new people, learning and exploring my options.

Besides modeling, I own and run a gym called Praxis Athletic in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Most of my time is spent training our members, my individual clients and training myself.

I also of course love spending a lot of time with my two dogs Beau and Esco.“

Paris has been vegan since 2014 and calls himself before that time „a massive meat eater“. „When I first picked up my first dog Beau as a puppy, he was with me where ever I went, the gym, drives, walks, naps, simply everywhere.

One day with him sitting in the passenger seat of my car, a cattle truck pulled up next to us full with baby calf’s heading to slaughter. I looked at their little noses poking through the gaps along the side of the truck trying to get a smell of some fresh air.

I then looked at Beau’s, as he napped on the seat and ultimately - I saw no difference. Both are animals, but yet in very different situations purely due to the industry they where born in, but both want to live, feel pain, discomfort, stress and in Beau’s case, luckily calmness and contentment.

For my entire life up until then, I’d seen dogs and cats to be the only animals who didn’t want to die, the only animals worth “feeling” for or giving a shit about. I knew then though that my perception of animals commonly seen as food or stock was just one picked up by the teachings within our educational system and culture and not one I’d really developed through my own thought, I just did what I’d always done and that was eating meat.

Not eating animals though is very easy, but avoiding animal products altogether can be at the worst moderately difficult, however once I understood where these products come from, the minor inconveniences which honestly I rarely experience now, became very easy to deal with.“
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Paris L.

Bookable from Australia

Height 185 cm
Dress 48 eu
Shoes 44
Breast 101cm/40“ cm
Waist 81cm/32“ cm
Hips 86cm/34“ cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown