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„Regarding my modeling career: I started being a model at 17teen years old.  I wanted a new challenge and to test a more creative and artistic activity.  I liked it a lot and since then I have not stopped.  I like meeting people, organizing a project and making it happen.

Since 2016 I am signed with a modeling agency in Switzerland as well as Freelance.  I posed for various brands of clothing, glasses, jewelry etc.  I really like fashion and beauty.  First of all, I started freelancing with photographers in my area.  Then, I had mandates by Swiss and foreign agencies. 
Besides modeling, I study in pedagogy to become a primary teacher in Switzerland. Apart from that, I do a lot of sports, I like music and art in general.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 15teen years old and I became vegan when I was 17teen years old after doing research work for my studies on speciesism.
I do not eat animal products. I try to buy untested products on animals as far as possible. I follow my heart and I want to be in agreement with my thoughts. Today I am vegan because it is what suits me best in everyday life. I pay attention to the origin of my purchases and favor Zero waste products when I can.
I am passionate about nutrition and cooking so I really like to try new products and recipes for pleasure.“
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Eliane C.

Bookable from Switzerland

Height 169 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 38
Breast 89cm
Waist 67 cm
Hips 86 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown