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Niki follows the vegan lifestyle since 2003.
„I don’t have an actual “vegan anniversary” because it was a transition process for me, but I’ve been vegan for about five years now. I’m both a certified health and nutrition counselor as well as a certified professional chef specializing in vegan cuisine, since I love showing non-believers how delicious and rewarding a vegan lifestyle can be!
I didn’t first go vegan for the same reasons most vegans do. I did it for my health first and then became emotionally connected to living a vegan lifestyle.
I’m casein- intolerant and my body started rejecting red meat in 2009, so I manage an autoimmune disease through diet alone. I was anyway never a fan of eggs and going vegan food-wise was pretty easy for me.
Leather was honestly the hardest thing to part with back then, but now there are so many well-made faux leather items, that it’s been easy to avoid real leather and I love discovering new cruelty-free brands in beauty and fashion!
It was when I became emotionally connected to veganism that it all became easier for me, starting and ending each day knowing that I didn’t harm my health, animals, or our planet makes me feel incredible.“

Niki Connor has been modeling since childhood, because her mother was a great International model in the 1970’s and they modeled together she was a child.
„I was more focused on sports growing up, but dabbled in modeling here and there over the years. I didn’t fully commit to modeling in the past because I was extremely insecure and depressed, which many wouldn’t believe since I’m outgoing most of the time and am not camera-shy. I hit puberty hard quite young and wasn’t comfortable with myself for a long time, I went from being a tomboy to being viewed as a sex object no matter what I did or wore, so it took a while for me to get comfortable in my own skin and learn to love myself from the inside out.
While I was being scouted all the time and shooting with amazing photographers, agencies made it clear that they thought I was too “big” to model because while I’m very tall and lanky with a small frame, I also have curves.
I’m glad that the industry has changed over the years and more body types are accepted, now my size 4 isn’t called “fat” and we can be fit and healthy! I stepped away from modeling entirely for a period to build my confidence and start my business and am glad I did, because now I’m more comfortable with myself than ever. It’s important for us to focus on our mental and emotional health as much as our physical health, and when you have all three aligned, you are truly healthy and happy!
Besides modeling, I’m building my brand, working both as a health counselor and private chef. I also do what I can to be a positive influence for others by living a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.“
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Niki C.

Bookable from LA

Height 180 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 42
Breast 90cm
Waist 63 cm
Hips 87 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde