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Anastasia follows the vegetarian diet since 2018 and switched to the plant based diet in 2020. 
„My yoga practice inspired me to stop eating meat, it was very easy and one day I just stopped wanting to have meat on my plate. I never pushed myself to it, it just happened in a natural way. After that I read couple of books, watched plenty of documentaries, started to do my research and discover whole new field of information that are not known to many of us. And it just deepened my decision. Also love for animals was one of the reasons, I’ve been raised in a family where animal meant food, but I am glad that with the age I separated from this opinion.

Regarding my modeling career: I started modeling when I was 19. My best friend brought me to her agency and they signed me. It hasn’t been something I dreamed about but it definitely opened so many doors for me and taught me so much, made me who I am today and I am forever grateful that I chose this journey.
As in every industry there are so many great things about it, traveling the world, meeting new interesting people on daily basis, but of course there aren’t only bright sides, it can be tough, it can mess with your head, it can lead to losing your confidence, eating disorders and so on. I think in this industry we should be supportive and make each other love ourselves more, we should be careful of how we speak to others and perceive others. 

I am a certified yoga teacher. I completed my yoga teacher training in Indonesia 3 years ago and when I don’t do modeling I teach yoga. I am also a painter, these days it’s more of a hobby of mine but I sincerely hope that one day it will become more than that.“
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Anastasia T.

Bookable from New York

Height 178 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 84 cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 90 cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown