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Anna has been vegan since 2016 for both health and ethical reasons.
“At the age of 15, I found out for the first time about animal testing in the beauty industry, which led me towards cruelty-free cosmetics use. I saw the videos and articles about animal abuse, and that hit me very deep" 

I found some help for my life-long stomach condition from Dr. Mc Dougal's starch solution, which kick-started my journey to discover more about the benefits of veganism. In my childhood, I refused to eat meat, except cows, as I was raised on a farm and my family used to have them. Overall, I used to be a very picky eater as my stomach was very sensitive. Probably childhood's intuition was telling me which was suitable for my digestion. After a difficult hospital period, I tried a high carb low fat vegan diet, and the pain and symptoms started to fade away. I still follow the same nutrition principles most of the time. Nowadays, I have more raw foods in my diet. Sometimes I enjoy fully raw periods.”

Anna was first time scouted for a sports model competition at the age of 16 in Finland.
“I placed well, but didn't take the offered opportunity to go any further at that time. I focused on track and field, and went to study at a college of sports. After some years later, I dedicated myself to pursuing a modeling career again, and in 2019 I made my first contracts to agencies. I have been based in Spain for the past few years.

I have pretty good experience of the modeling industry over all, of course, including some obstacles as well. As a vegan and also Christian, there have been circumstances where some jobs have to be rejected for ethical and moral reasons. Also, I have bumped into sexual harassment (not through any agency), like many other models. I feel I have been blessed not to get into the most extreme cases.
I found that being true to ourselves and values are quite key principles for long-lasting life satisfaction.

Besides modeling, I want to become a visualist. Esthetics, performing arts, philosophy and psychology are big passions of mine. Sewing, crafts and photo- and video make me lose a sense of time, so I can find myself doing those activities for hours. I also deeply enjoy spending time with my friends, either fooling around or having long, deep conversations. I am also very grateful of my loving family and spend time with them always when I'm at Finland.”

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Anna K.

Bookable from Finland

Height 176,5 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 82 cm
Waist 65 cm
Hips 83 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde