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Belen Matheu started modeling when she was four years old and did cover-shootings for some magazines and a TV commercial as well. With 14teen years, she signed with a few model agencies and soon moved to New York, where she did her first great campaign for Aussie Hair with Ford Models.

„I've always refused shooting for fur campaigns. Since I went vegetarian I've said no to a couple of leather fashion campaigns, besides some commercials for meat or fish brands. I'd love if all brands would be cruelty-free and sustainable and I wouldn't have to worry about promoting something it may not go with my principles. I believe the fashion industry is changing but I'm really looking forward to work with brands that are already there and to share with the world how amazing being vegan is.“

„Besides modeling I am passionate about the animal welfare as well. At the age of 23, I received my Bachelors Degree in Biology at the University of Barcelona and a while after I obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Anthropology; the science that studies the humane-animal bond. I furthered my education in „positive dog training“ and Ethology, a way of training that involves no form of physical or psychological intimidation. I own and operate the dog training business „Sentit Caní“, that I started as a blog to share knowledge and tips for improving the communication and coexistence of dogs and their humans. I also run the project „21 Hogares“, where we promote dogs that are in invisible shelters in order to help them find a „forever home“. The first “Heroes” are from the local shelter in Barcelona (CAACB), where I’m a volunteer for the last 5 years. I also collaborate with Udols, an association that promotes urban dogs’ welfare in Barcelona. Dogs are my passion, but music is my addictive hobby. I like to sing and I love going dancing, especially salsa!“

Belen is vegetarian since 2014 and passionately vegan since 2017.

„I remember ditching some dishes when I was a kid, there were some animals I never even dared to put on my plate. I was told it was the cycle of life and I had to eat animals, or else they died for nothing. However I remember my parents teaching me that animals shouldn't suffer and killing them for other than food was cruel and unnecessary. I always considered my parents and I compassionated, although I don't know at what age I learnt to be spiciest.

I remember when I first decided to stop eating foie gras as soon as I discovered how it was done. I saw a video of a beautiful clever pig that awoke so much tenderness in me that I remember telling myself "I can't eat pigs anymore, this is so wrong“. Not long after, the only meat I was eating was chicken. Then I started learning with more videos what they do to chicken and soon enough I was only eating fish. Few months later I questioned myself whether fish should feel pain as well since they also have a nervous system, so then I went vegetarian, very gradually as you can see.

I didn't become vegan before because I was addicted to sugar as Nutella, cookies and all of that stuff that has milk derivates everywhere, that I couldn't imagine to live without. Then I saw videos of what cows go through and I woke up. I didn't have the stomach to finish many of the vegan documentaries that expose the suffering these animals go through because of humankind, but it was motivation enough for me to want to do something about it.

Animals are obviously 100% what inspired me to go vegan. But I couldn't have done it without documentaries like Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy (although I didn't finish it), Empatía, What The Health, among other heartbreaking videos. The time I've got most excited about a menu, was my first time in a vegetarian restaurant when I was not even a vegetarian yet. I will always remember. I felt like a whole new world was opening in front of my eyes and I wanted to try everything! I'll always have a soft spot for everything that includes chocolate, but my diet is balanced and I eat even healthier now that I'm vegan. I cook more, I truly enjoy dishes now and I appreciate food a lot more.
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Belen M.

Bookable from Barcelona

Height 176 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39.5
Breast 92cm
Waist 72 cm
Hips 99 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown