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Daphne started modeling after winning a local model competition in the Netherlands when I was 16teen years young.
Since she was focussed on finishing school, she worked in the beginning with a small local modeling agency.
„Soon after, when I was in University, I managed to combine the two and modeled mainly in Benelux-Union.
I became one of the permanent models and ambassador for a big hair brand and did many hair shows. When I got my law degree, I quit modeling to focus on my new career as a diplomat in Paris. But recently rolled back into modeling again in Colombia when an agency was looking for international models. What I always loved about it, was that it was such a different world than the one I was in, with law. I find it very exciting to be part of an artistic and creative project. I also love doing different things, to get a bit of a taste of all there is in this life. 

Besides modeling, after five years working as a diplomat I changed careers by becoming an alkaline plant-based health coach. I went back to school studying health coaching and plant-based nutrition. Now I help people become the most healthy and vibrant version of themselves through diet and lifestyle with my own company „Cups of Green“. I really wanted to share my experience and that of my sister with others to help them on their own path to health and wellness. And like I said earlier, I love doing many different things, so I also manage the internationally established poet and activist Aja Monet.“
Daphne is passionately plant-based since 2013.
„My sister suffered with a very severe form of Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, an auto-immune disease. So she was always looking for other ways to control her flare ups and the disease. She was not happy with the medication she got because it made her feel bad in other ways. One day I told her about an alkaline plant-based diet and that it could possibly help her. We did some research, found a retreat in Italy where we stayed for 2 weeks and my sister hasn’t taken any medication since. I got rid of my allergies and other minor health issues. On top of that I felt more energized than ever. So it started out for my sister's health reasons, but after a while we also saw the other benefits that a lifestyle, without animal products, processed foods and toxic skin-care, has for our beautiful planet.“
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Daphne K.

Bookable from Columbia

Height 180 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 42
Breast 84cm
Waist 64 cm
Hips 90 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown