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Eimanne Zein started modeling, when she was living in Whistler during the summers and winters while attending university in Vancouver, BC.
Her housemate produced the "Whistler Exposed" bikini calendar and scouted Eimanne for the next casting, where she won the title „Miss March“.
Soon after, she booked her first national magazine cover for the "Perfect Wedding".
Eimanne’s first model agent guided her to work with major brands including Lululemon, Fitbit, Wrangler Jeans, Jeep, Muscle Milk, and many more. 
„I fell in love with modeling and decided to combined it with acting, this was what I wanted my life to be.
I've worked a few seasons for fashion week in both Vancouver and New York, and have traveled across the world including London, Berlin, and Dubai for photoshoots and commercials.
I work a lot as a fitness model because I run ultra-marathons, have 10-years of yoga experience and compete in other extreme sports. It has allowed me to maintain an energy and physicality perfect for fashion, swimwear, and athletics.

Besides modeling, I am a highly trained actress and director. I am currently writing my first feature film, which already has achieved funding to shoot in 2019. I love telling stories that have a powerful human or environmental focus.
A side project of mine is a web series that highlights conservation and sustainability issues through the lens of extreme sports in rural and impoverished areas. Our first look is at the impact of surf culture in Mexico. I also love cooking, gardening, reading, and dancing.“

Eimanne has been a vegetarian since 2002 years and made the transition to a fully vegan lifestyle in January 2018. 
„I was a small child when I became the only person in my family to choose a vegetarian lifestyle.
I just couldn't imagine hurting or eating any animals. And as I grew older, I saw the environmental impact that the meat and dairy industry has on our world, and it only made me more absolute in my beliefs.
My decision to become vegan had been building up for a long time. I was noticing more and more of my friends making the switch from omnivore to vegan and spending time with them showed me how easy the change could actually be.
But what really pushed me over the edge, was reading my idol in the sport of ultra-runnings’ book "Eat & Run".
Scott Jurek is a champion 100-mile runner, and he's vegan! So many of my heroes in sports said the same thing about how a vegan diet vastly improved their lives and the evidence soon became impossible to ignore. I decided to try veganism while training for my first 100-mile race and now I can't imagine ever turning back. I love the healthy and creative dishes that vegan food has lead me to discover. I even have a YouTube channel that pushes the benefits of a vegan diet for endurance athletes.“
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Eimanne Z.

Bookable from LA

Height 173 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 38.5
Breast 82cm
Waist 60 cm
Hips 94 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown