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„I started my model career at 2006, I’ve been 19 yeas old, my first trip was to Milan with Woman Model Management. Then I went to Paris «Mademoisele» and «WM management», London «Storm», Barcelona, Milam «Fashion», Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York «Wilhelmina».
When I became 25 years old, I went my 1st time to china, Shenzhen and since then, I kept going to Shenzhen «GFI", Shanghai «Elite» 2 times per year for 3 month.
At the beginning I kept going to London and once to Germany «Promod». Later focused on the Chinese modeling market. Soon after, I tried Turkey and went there 3-times.
Now I am really enjoying myself and my work in Moscow. I have so much experience as model that every job is always easy, pleasure and fun.

I officially became vegan in June 2018, with help of a friend. It was time for FIFA in 2018 and that time I’ve been living in Volgograd. I rented out a room in my flat while football games. My first guest was a man from UK, very spiritual, into yoga and veganism, he even traveled with his own juice machine.
He stayed 4 days and I guided him in the city, we cooked and ate together as well. We made juices, fruit salads, vegetables. Cooked food, I ate not more than once a day and it was the best time for my body. After only 4 days of being vegan with that man, I felt not to come back to the way I ate before, because I already felt changes, like my skin became better, my veins stop hurting, more energy, needed less sleep, lost excess weight, lost emotional hunger and didn’t catch any cold or other bacterias.
After all this positive aspects, you must be crazy to go back.
While I’ve been plant-based, I occasionally tried ice-cream, milk-chocolate very rare, 2-3 times shrimps and squid, since my body had the desire and my mind felt like it was loosing something. But however, when I tasted it, I felt that taste is nothing, no reason to eat it, my vegan food is much more rich in taste, vitamins, energy and no-one needs to suffer and be killed for it.

Besides modeling, I am reading psychology and spiritual books and thinking if I want to get an 2nd education as psychologist. I also play guitar and do yoga.“
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Elena I.

Bookable from Moscow

Height 180 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 87 cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 90 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown