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Eli Corominas started modeling when a friend who had been modeling for over 15 years, pitched her to his agency.
At the same time she got scouted my a model agent on the street. 
„I’ve never modeled as a full-time career. I studied business, marketing and entrepreneurship first. Later on, I studied nutrition.
But when growing up, modeling allowed me to pay for my travels and fun times. Later on, it is a side job that I enjoy doing. 

Besides modeling, I am a marketing and design consultant for wellness and sustainability-related projects. I also interview conscious founders, wellness practitioners and organize wellness retreats with the goal of inspiring personal and environmental health in all possible forms.“

Eli follows passionately the vegan lifestyle since 2014.
„I believe health and environmental reasons are what drive me to be vegan. I believe it is about feeling good in the inside and taking care of our environment as much as possible. Once I quit meat for 5 months I started listening actively to what my body really wanted and in the process, it has never craved meat again, ever.“
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Eli C.

Bookable from Barcelona

Height 176 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 40
Breast 92cm
Waist 66 cm
Hips 90 cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde