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Katrin Kaurov was modeling in summer vacations as a hobby since she was a teenager but made it to her profession in 2017, when she met a model agent. Her career took Katrin to Milan, Paris and London, where she worked with clients as Vera Wang, Just Cavalli and Vogue Italia to name a few.
„Modeling is very demanding but exciting at the same time - you're constantly on the go between fashion capitals and you never know what to expect. I am very grateful for where I am currently but excited for new cities and opportunities where my career will take me. My final goal is to become a role model promoting healthy lifestyle, mindfulness and sustainability.“

„New challenges and adventures make my heart beat a little bit faster. I've travelled to 41 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia - whether it was a month of backpacking in Sri Lanka or a semester studying in NYU Abu Dhabi on a full scholarship. I live a very active lifestyle - hiking, surfing, boxing, diving are some of my favorite sports. I'm very passionate about literature and art - I believe creativity is the basis of humanity, publishing my own book is another dream of mine. It might sound dorky, but I have been very into sustainability from attending Sustainability conferences to hours of researching and meeting industry specialists.“

„I stopped eating meat in 2015 and then slowly eased into a vegan diet as I became more conscious of its health and environmental benefits.
It might sound strange but there came a moment where it seemed very obvious to follow a diet which is good for my health, environment, animals and helps my modeling career by keeping me in the best shape, giving a healthy glow and clarity in the mind. I educated myself a lot with different documentaries and books before becoming fully vegan.
I see being a vegan part of a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle, so for me being vegan is more than a diet. It means making daily conscious choices, respecting our planet and animals by using all vegan products from sustainable clothing brands to vegan beauty products.“

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Katrin K.

Bookable from Paris

Height 177 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 84cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 88 cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde