Laura Cara is vegan since 2015.
„I never used to like meat even as a kid, I was more tended to eat fish. As an adult I decreased my beef consumption and started to only eat chicken and then I stopped eating meat completely, only ate fish and cheese from time to time, until I completely went vegan.

What inspired me to become vegan was my horse, because I realized that actually horses are no different then cows, fish and all other sort of animal that does exist. So basically the love to my horse led me to my vegan path. My awareness of spirituality inspired me as well to become vegan.

[ „If you care, and if you love yourself and your body, you will no longer give this to your body’“], thats what I said to myself. A lot of videos and documentaries then gave me the extra push, because I understood that by going that way I was gonna help animals and the environment. I simply understood that I can make a change and help. Becoming vegan changed a lot in my life, as I became healthier.

I am eating more raw fruits & veggies now, and started a lot of detoxing with juices as well. I never force myself to do something, for me it's all about balance. "

Laura Cara started modeling with the desire to have more freedom and worked herself up from smaller jobs to great campaigns as for Nike. Besides modeling Laura professionally dances for music choreography videos. „I decided to make my passion my job. Best decision I took in my life. I wake up and I'm happy what I'm doing, what I give to my body , whether its internal or external. I hope I will inspire a lot of people, because at the end its all about getting closer to the light and share that light.“

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Laura C.

Bookable from Paris

Height 165 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 37
Breast 87cm
Waist 65 cm
Hips 90 cm
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown