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Marija Emilova started modeling, when she participated in the „Miss Tourism International“ competition, where she won a second runner up and got several different job opportunities and agency contracts in Bulgaria, but also abroad afterwards. She has worked in different countries in Europe, the Middle East and is currently based in Milan, where she had the possibility to work with different famous brands, including the Italian luxury vegan shoe brand Nemanti.
Marija also travels often to Paris where she does fittings for Saint Laurent.
„I am thankful for all the opportunities modeling has given and is still giving me! I am a person with a very strong personality and I like to try something new and challenge myself in every sphere of life, so my modeling career is no exception and I am ready to conquer new heights!“
„Besides modeling, I have studied Business Information in Bulgarian's best University of Economy, so I am very good at mathematics and technology. I also like traveling, not only for work but also in my free time and exploring new places and cultures! Of course, my best trips are together with my sister. We have noticed that the vegan culture thankfully is growing more and more and many countries have accepted it not only by offering many vegan options but also as a mentality!
Yoga is my great passion as well and I like practicing Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Antigravity Yoga - Yoga is amazing for the body and the mind!“
Marija is passionately vegan since 2008.
„For me it happened naturally because as a child I was never a big fan of meat and dairy products. I took that decision also together with my sister Anna so we became vegan together, helping and supporting each other in this adventure and I can say that mine (ours) decision is one of those I am most proud of! Each year I feel happier, more positive and a better person having the possibility to contribute to nature and staying healthy with a clean body and mind! My biggest inspiration to go vegan was the great Bulgarian writer - Master Petar Deunov, who teaches in his great books, to not eat meat and animal products, because by eating meat and animal products we accept all the negative energy, cruelty and the fear animals feel before being killed. For this reason, choosing to become vegan means to become a better person! Adding the fact that I became vegan together with my sister Anna Emilova, another of my greatest inspirations, makes that transformation even more amazing! Regarding my vegan diet, I am always in search of new challenges and try to have a balanced and variable diet, including all necessary elements my organism needs! Apart of the big quantity of vegetables and fruits, I also eat nuts and dried fruits like almonds, pastiches, walnuts, dates and apricots, which are so important for the body to stay healthy and fit! I like cooking and creating my own vegan recipes! Among my specialties are vegan sushi, raw desserts, veggie burgers and buddha bowls. Another important part of my healthy vegan diet is drinking green detox-tea, I just love it! So I can say that my vegan diet consists of eating foods that makes me feel happy, gives me power, helps me stay healthy and in a good shape. But knowing that my healthy habits also contributes to protecting nature, stopping animal-cruelty and at the same time taking care of my personal well-being gives me the peak."
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Marija E.

Bookable from Milan

Height 176 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 37
Breast 83cm
Waist 60 cm
Hips 88 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown