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Since when are you vegan/vegetarien? I have not bought meat in 4 years (since 2016), but I have been a vegatarien for 2 years (since 2018). 

What inspired you to be vegan and what kind of vegan diet do you follow?
I changed my consumer patterns when I learned about the environmental effects of the meat and dairy industry. However, my masters in Global Business & Sustainability inspired me to be the change you want to see in the world, which made me decide to become a vegatarian. Products that are high in lactose, like milk and yoghurt, I already cut out of my diet a long time ago, as they had a bad effect on my skin and stomage. I only still eat fish, scheep or goat cheese, and eggs occasionally. Also, one of my best friends is a vegan cook, and she really inspires me to make delicious plant-based meals these days. 
Our impact reaches further than our eating behaviors. Therefore, I also stopped buying new chlothes in 2016.  The only new items I still buy are items from sustainable materials like organic cotton, or from brands with small scale, local production that pay attention to sustainability. Apart from that, I only buy second-hand clothing. 
How did you started modeling ?
I was scouted by Suzanne and Mauro (Elite Amsterdam) while shopping in Amsterdam. I remember thinking: "So this is my destiny!" I still have the train ticket from that day! I was only 13 at the time, but when I turned 15 I started doing tests shoots and as soon as I finished high school I started modelling fulltime, for which I lived in Paris en New York for most of the time. 
What are your Experiences in the model industry and how did your career developed over time?
I first build my book in Singapore, and left for Paris after to do my first fashion week, where walking for Chloe marked the beginning of my career in high fashion. After, I walked shows for Celine, Dior, Jill Sander, Marni, and many more and did campaigns for Valentino for example. After working 2,5 years as a fulltime model, I decided to go to university, during which I mostly did commercial jobs on the side. Since this year I am back to futher pursue my big passion, with the aim of doing it in a more sustainable way! 
What are you doing besides modeling?
I am working on my own business in sustainable tights and I have an online vintage clothing shop, both together with a friend. SInce corona I also work as a Sustainability Consultant. At the moment I research how the livelihood of waste pickers in developing countries can be improved :). In my spare time I love to workout (e.g. yoga, boxing), listen and dance to electronic music, and be outside. 
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Nouk T.

Bookable from Amsterdam

Height 178 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 84 cm
Waist 59 cm
Hips 89 cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown