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Romina lives since 2014 fully vegetarian and mostly vegan.
„During my study of social work, I decided to do a module on animal ethics. This study addresses the moral issues that arise from human interactions with animals. The topic did not let me go and I also informed myself outside of my studies intensively with the topic vegetarianism. After watching various films about slaughterhouses, mass animal husbandry, there was no turning back. I have decided to stop eating meat.“

Romina started modeling in 2010 and works since 2017 as a full-time model.
A photographer friend of Romina needed Models during her training to build her Portfolio, so she started with some test-shoots.
After Romina has built her modeling portfolio herself, she found her passion for modeling as well.
Finally, when Romina was approached on the street by a modeling scout, she decided to apply at a modeling agency, where her career got rolling.

“My experiences in the modeling industry are mostly positive.
Especially in Germany and in the commercial sector there is a very respectful approach on sets and with the agencies.
Unfortunately, I have also had some unpleasant experiences during stays abroad, as in many countries models are often valued just as a commodity and not as a human being.
I am very glad that I made such unpleasant experiences very late and not in the beginning of my modeling career.
Therefore I was always able to react uninhibitedly and to stand up for myself and my well-being.
My career has developed over the years in the direction that I desired.
In the meantime, I take great care to ensure that, for the most part, I only accept the jobs that really interest me and that promise me a good day.
I really appreciate being able to do modeling full-time, but I will let surprise myself, what the future will bring.“
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Romina A.

Bookable from Stuttgart

Height 170 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 38
Breast 85cm
Waist 60 cm
Hips 91 cm
Eyes Hazel
Hair Light Brown