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I have been vegan for over a year now and was living a vegetarian lifestyle for around 2 years before. However I cut out all dairy products since 2015 for health reasons.
I actually turned vegan pretty abruptly. I was inspired by a Yoga Teacher who was living a vegan lifestyle and started to educate myself on veganism. I watched several documentaries and read books like the China study. After seeing the treatment of animals in this process as well as the impact that animal products have not only on our health but also on our planet, the decision to go vegan was obvious to me. To me veganism has opened so many doors, like living a conscious lifestyle with daily yoga, breathwork and meditation practices as well as being inspired to consume consciously and to support fair fashion brands or buy second hand.

Regarding my modeling career, when I was 14teen years old, many people in my surroundings would tell me to apply to a model agency as they thought I would have potential so the idea of becoming a model started in my head.
I got in contact with an agency in New York, however I was often still considered as being too young so I put the idea aside until I would finish my studies. After graduating from High school I worked with independent photographers and videographers and would do shootings in Paris, Frankfurt and New York City. One photographer then told me to apply to an agency and this is when I got signed with Germanys biggest modeling agency. However I never got the opportunity to work with brands as I was considered an „inbetweener“ model and was told that there was no market for my size, so for two years I was being told to work on my measurements and that then I would get a job. When I was younger I struggled with an eating disorder to achieve those model measurements, so to me excessively losing weight was not an option. After having been on a long healing journey from this and having found this self-love, furthermore I was not being heard as I shared my wish to work with conscious, sustainable brands, so I decided to leave the agency.
However my wish to support sustainable ethical brands that are kinder to the environment never faded and is more present than ever before, because I was shown pretty obviously the need for change in the industry.

Besides modeling I am practicing a lot of Yoga, Breathwork and meditation as well as energy healing.
This summer I was able to become a 200h certified Yoga Teacher and was able to fulfill a big wish of mine. I am enormously happy to be able to now offer clients a space of healing and deep connection to themselves through the practice of Yoga.
Furthermore starting from 2021 I will be running a plant based and vegetarian deli with a huge focus on sustainability, veganism and avoiding food waste.
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Seline G.

Bookable from Giessen

Height 178 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 41
Breast 83 cm
Waist 68 cm
Hips 98 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde