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„I'm still on a path to go fully vegan. Of course, I don't buy meat, and I don’t “live to eat” and have no interest in food whatsoever. So I typically eat what other people make for me, or at my favorite vegan place around the corner.
I grew up in a national park and I spent all the time running around, alone in the woods with the family dogs, until I was around 5 years old. I even slept in the dogs' basket often, as it was natural to me. I sense all animals. It’s wrong when people say that they don't understand or communicate. They certainly do - just not in our language. I regard animals higher than human beings. 

I was scouted several times, but my career didn't start until one day where I wanted to get back at an ex boyfriend. After the break-up, I made an underwear calendar and sent it to all his friends.
So, many new faces struggle, but my modeling career was great from the beginning and all the clients loved the calendar pictures.
Almost all of my girlfriends are models as well and I've met the most beautiful and amazing girls (inside and out) through my modeling career. We go really far for one another. And because I have so many great model girlfriends from all over the World, I typically can't go to a city, without having at least two besties in it! We take care of each other and share friends, clients, advice, agencies, social media followers, etc.
For example, I've met my best girlfriend in New York through a model girlfriend who currently lives in London.
Besides modeling, I've co-founded two companies, and I'm also an attorney admitted to the New York bar.
My modeling career is more a hobby than a job at this stage, and I pretty much only take jobs either to support a company that I really believe in, or to meet new people. I'm also an activist, I have been engaged in helping the environment and the animals since I was 14 years old, when I first volunteered at a Danish rainforest group called “Nepenthes”.
I love action, and being active, because usually that includes the immediate satisfaction of doing good. 

Finally, something completely different, but something that probably also comes from my early years, alone in the forest: I love flowers, making arrangements and other projects.
I'm currently working with a photographer to make a coffee table book where the theme is naked models covered with flowers.
I’m a lousy CEO, COO, attorney, and model, but my confidence doesn’t struggle when it comes to my flowers!
I really know, that I'm right there, at the top, with the very best floral artists in the world. The key is, that I always capture the essence of the flowers that I use, and the surroundings. Among other notable clients, I've made flowers to the Clintons.“
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Solveig G.

Bookable from New York

Height 175 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 38
Breast 86cm
Waist 56 cm
Hips 92 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown