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Tanja follows passionely the plant based diet since 2015.
„When I was 12, I suddenly developed a pollen allergy, which got stronger over the years. I decided to go vegan because I heard, that it can have remarkable impacts on our health and that a lot of diseases could be cured or are getting better then. Inspired by nutritionists like Kimberly Snyder, David Wolfe and Dr. Colin Esselstyn, I wanted to give it a try and switched my nutrition. It worked well for me. It improved my health constitution completely and I was so overwhelmed and thankful about this change, that I decided studying nutrition and then I specialized in vegan nutrition and did further education in non healing practitioner for psychotherapy.

Regarding my modeling career, I had my first experiences in the model industry when I was 17 and a photographer and hairdresser invited me to take part in a coiffeur show in my hometown and shootet my first portfolio pics. So I started working as a part time model over the years, beside my career in the industry and commerce and as a insurance broker. In 2010 after I became mother and later on, when I changed my nutrition, I decided to work as a full-time model.
During my career I went through nearly every confection, size zero when I was very young and big size after my pregnancy, and had my experience with it in the model industry. Now I found my perfect size, where my clients can see that I am happy with it inside as well as outside. Experiencing that my work-life balance and my inner attitude is working well for me, I get reflected from thousands of viewers who buy the products I represent, when I'm modeling for germanys most well known shopping TV. I am so grateful for having this experience.“
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Tanja L.

Bookable from Germany

Height 179 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 40
Breast 88 cm
Waist 65 cm
Hips 96 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown