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Lasell started modeling by attending a commercial casting and decided since then to make a career out of it. He organized himself test-shoots with professional photographers, but is still development of a strong model portfolio

Besides modeling, he works as Personal Trainer and Blogger, where he shares healthy tips regarding fitness and the vegan lifestyle.

Lasell follows the vegan lifestyle since April 2016.

„I once went "offline" for weeks and really started to question everything. Once it reached the environment and how we treat the animals, I thought, that we shouldn't eat and kill just for our taste buds and as a side effect have devastating influence on the environment. So I was thinking about becoming vegan, but I freaked out, because my impression was that vegans are crazy.

About eight month later, I couldn't look myself in the mirror anymore and because of books, documentaries and inspirations of personalities I respected, I went vegan in a heartbeat. Until this day, it was the best decision in my life for the animals, the environment, my personal growth and my overall well being. We now have the responsibility to inspire millions for generations to come.“
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Lasell K.

Bookable from Germany

Height 187 cm
Dress 46 eu
Shoes 50
Breast 104 cm
Waist 76 cm
Hips 101 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown