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The vegan Beauty serves as a platform for sustainable Brands to work with Models, that are authentically behind the sustainable message & talk to your direct costumers.

We not only represent professional models, that are working for big Campaigns & Clients, but who also built an „sustainable image“ for themselves over social media.

Veganism is not only a diet, but includes many aspects of environmental care.

But besides that, Vegan Beauty’s are nourishing themselves everyday, with healthy plant based food & endorse their performing beauty in a sustainable manner.
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Ethical & Sustainable Brands are kinder to the environment - after oil, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter.

More and more brands are paying attention to sustainable production and attach great importance to ensuring that the fast fashion industry does not destroy our planet any further.

Also consumers, have become increasingly conscious about purchases and making a difference for the people involved in the production of our clothes.
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JSW Model Management also provides a full-service photo production for look books, campaigns & social media marketing. We serve international clients in photo productions worldwide.

Already in the pre-planning phase, we accompany you with location recommendations from our archive, cost calculation, model proposals and possible timing. We will gladly advise you on how to implement your idea according to concept and budget
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Our models are protected by the RTM Professional Models Pledge ethical standard to ensure model safety.
Visit the Responsible Trust for Models for full details: