Jean-Michel Lannier
Jean-Michel Lannier

[„Being vegan does not take much effort, when you have figured out all the healthy alternatives and made the connection, how much beauty and peace you are contributing to the planet.“] - Jean Michel Lannier

Jean Michel Lannier is the main Photographer of JSW Model Management.

He worked for several big clients as: SimplyVision Switzerland, Lotta Fjossou, Stefanie Burk Jewelry and Gerling Quatier to name just a few.
His eye for details makes him to the talented photographer, that he is and a pleasure to work with. Jean Michel is vegetarian for 38 years and practices the vegan lifestyle
now for ten years.

To see more of his work and clients, visit:

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Anika Patel

“Eat well, move daily, hydrate often, sleep lots, love your body… repeat for life!”

Anika is a qualified ayurvedic nutritionist and wellness coach, who has a huge passion for helping women and our Models to feel and look their best. Having studied Ayurveda, which is the oldest Indian medicinal healing system, Anika takes into account that every single person is an individual, and will have different nutritional requirements. Ayurveda advocates a plant based or “sattvic” (pure) lifestyle.

Anika’s past modelling experiences mean she understands that the industry can be fierce and competitive and models are under a lot of pressure to look their absolute best.

After struggling with her health while she was modelling by trying and testing multiple diet and workout regimes, Anika found the path of Ayurveda and holistic health in 2014 while travelling in India. She noticed a huge transformation in how she felt, from her skin and digestion to her energy levels and mental health. Through proper guidance and nourishment Anika felt happier and healthier than ever.

For more informations about her ayurvedic health regime, how she manages to let our vegan models look their best and get your own personal one-to-one consultation for inspiration, visit:
Ayurvedic Ani

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