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„The first time that I have even questioned my eating habits was through
my ex-girlfriend, because she was vegetarian. Before that it didn't even
came into my mind.
And although I knew that she was right with all what she said, I started eating meat after some month again. It was because I understood it on an
intellectual level, but it didn't reach the experiential level. I just didn’t felt it.
But some month after we broke up, I watched earthlings and that was the point when it really shook me! It was pure pain watching it, it really broke my heart.
After that I've decided to be vegetarian and I’ve felt I was doing the best I can for the animals.
About 5 years later I’ve recognized that this wasn't the case, as the other industries involving animal products are at least, if not even worse than the meat industry.
I've realized its not just about a diet, its an attitude towards the world and all beings who are living on it. I started question my habits and my behavior through the eyes of morality.
I have replaced my ego-centered view and habits through a habit that starts an ego breaking self-reflective movement within yourself, which leads to an extension of your ethics.
I'm mostly eating whole-foods, as less processed foods as possible.

Regarding my modeling career: I started modeling through my instagram account. My first intention was to overcome my insecurities and to get out of my comfort zone.
Since then I've collaborated with many sustainable Brands and Companies for example Jan´n´June, Organic Basics, Greenpeace, Plantfaced-Clothing
and started being an ambassador for some amongst others Vepsi.
I also worked for Jameson Whiskey and the Beard & Fringe.

Besides modeling, I'm working as a corporate trainer, doing my Masters in philosophy and exercises my passion for fitness.“
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Marcel B.

Bookable from Germany

Height 178 cm
Dress 48 eu
Shoes 43
Breast 97cm
Waist 82cm
Hips 94cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown