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Miro Kloosterman started modeling when he was 20 years old and has done mainly commercial advertisements. He also has been published as a vegan model on „Men’s Health“ Magazine, where he reported about his vegan lifestyle as a fitness model.

Besides modeling Miro follows passionately his acting career. He plays in a soap opera in Holland for 2,5 years and in the musical „the body guard“ as the main character Frank Farmer.

„I’m vegan since the beginning of 2013. In the first year I’ve cheated sometimes with some cheese and had once been eating meat again for a week, because a doctor told me I had to. But right afterwards I never touched meat again. When I turned 21 years old, I started to become more aware of food, so I have reduced my meat consumption a lot. I then have been vegetarian for a while and it became more and more difficult eating animal products, since I love animals. I got sick in 2010, when I was 30 years old. Nothing really worked for me and went down hill every year. In the beginning of 2013, I met a girl who recommended a raw vegan diet, so I started it directly. Just after a few month I felt already much better. I did a raw vegan diet then for 10 months and after, I’ve done intermittent fasting for a few years as well, but then included some cooked food. At the moment I eat as I feel, so mostly raw fruits and veggies, but also cooked food. Some days I eat a lot and sometimes I fast for a day or sometimes even more, if I feel like it.“
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Miro K.

Bookable from Amsterdam

Height 188 cm
Dress 50 eu
Shoes 44
Breast 102cm/40“ cm
Waist 86cm/34“ cm
Hips 96cm/38“ cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown