Philip Mangan started modeling at the beginning of 2017, after several years of running his own business.  Although modeling was never a goal of his, he opened himself to new opportunities and challenges. 
When Philip moved from Florida to New York at the end of 2016, he linked up with a fashion photographer who was moving to New York the same week, and decided to arrange a shoot. 
„After receiving positive feedback from the photos, the idea blossomed to pursue the opportunity in modeling with hopes that it would create other opportunities.  I spent the cold winter months building up my portfolio from Instagram photographers, and shopped my portfolio around to agencies during spring.  I signed with my first two agencies in April of 2017 and have been growing my network ever since.  I believe my work ethic is the most powerful tool I possess for the growth of my modeling career, not my looks.“

Philip has done many different jobs within the past years, including walking the runway in NYWF, was featured in Esquire magazine, commercial acting jobs and a lot of print work. 
„I feel like my career is still developing, but it has developed in alignment with my vegan diet and environmental beliefs.  I now wish to work with sustainable & ethical brands in order to help bring awareness to the issues we are facing.  Although I’ve created many opportunities for myself that most people dream of, the opportunities mean nothing to me if I cannot help create a positive impact on others and this planet.“

Philip has been officially a vegan since June 2017.  For years prior, health and nutrition had played a major role in his life and his passion for it grew.
„After watching the documentaries Forks over Knives and What the Health, I immediately decided to switch to a plant based diet.  Although I originally was interested in a vegan diet for the potential nutritional benefits, it transformed my mindset to realizing the positive impact it also has on the environment.  I now follow a strict whole food plant based diet, cooking most meals at home, but I occasionally try out vegan restaurants when I’m out and in the city.“

Besides modeling Philip is working as the Director of „Sustainable Culture for Our Children’s Earth Foundation“, volunteers his free time with „GrowNYC“ helping educate others about recycling, and performs textile / food scrap collection at the green markets throughout the city.  He is also a member of the „NYC Fair Trade Coalition“ and remains active in attending sustainability events.
„Because I want to continue educating myself in order to pass that information along to others through with my social media presence.  Lastly, I’m a Certified Personal Trainer that focuses on helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle by focusing mainly on the nutritional changes they can make focusing on plant based options.“
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Philip M.

Bookable from New York

Height 185 cm
Dress 48 eu
Shoes 44
Breast 97 cm
Waist 76 cm
Hips 100 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown