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I am vegan since the second day of 2016. I remember that I was in a city close to Shanghai, when I was on a model trip there. It was my final decision to finally get my health issues under control and start a new period of my life just living off plants. So enjoyed my last non-vegan pizza there on my job break, waving good bye to animal food.
I am a very rational person due to my education at Universities and my personal beliefs and character. Since I had health issues that started with my digestion of food, I started to question what I am eating. The way to the doctor is easy, but I like to think first, where the source of the problem could be. As Dr. McDougall points it out, around 80% (if I remember correctly) what affects our body is from our surrounding is food. The rest is water and air. This made total sense for me. Trustful doctors like McDougall and Neal Barnard are the ones I put my confidence in. It is their way of talking, their motivation, their own scientific studies and experience as well as their character that convinces me that it is the closest to the truth, what they are advocating for. There are numerous other trustful sources like nutrition-facts from Dr. Michael Gregor and PCRM from Dr. Barnard that I like to use and refer to.

Regarding my modeling career: I started modeling as a teenage boy, when a friend of my mom knew an agency for kids and referred me to it. 
Since modeling in my teens and then resuming to modeling in my 20s I don’t regret putting my efforts into it. My experiences were great abroad as well. Meeting models from all over the world, connecting fast and experiencing great moments. It is competitive and you have to try to sell your character, lifestyle as well as personalize yourself nowadays over Instagram and other channels. It is not essential, but it helps a lot. For me Germany has the best work conditions for models and the clients as well as projects are usually super pleasant. As I also shifted my focus on producing electronic music as well, I hope to connect the two things more seamlessly one day and inspire people not only with the clothes I am wearing or the lifestyle I am displaying, but also the creative music that I put out into this world.

Besides modeling,I like to workout in the gym and on the yoga matt. I work in a start-up in Munich and fill my free time with listening to psychology podcast. My personal passion is producing electronic music and learning everything I can about synthesizers, sound design. Next to that I take singing lessons and also play the piano. It’s a lot, but I like living actively and enjoying life.
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Bookable from Munich

Height 185 cm
Dress 48 eu
Shoes 42.5
Breast 97cm/38“ cm
Waist 81cm/32“ cm
Hips 96cm/38“ cm
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Blonde