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„I have been vegetarian for a couple of years before deciding to make one step forward and go completely vegan in 2015. I follow a plant based diet, with a nice cold beer now and then specially during hot summer days. No more than that... Of course I have done my research when I discovered not all beers are vegan.
I come from a very small city in Argentina which is the main producer of meat and milk in the whole country. As a child our culture brain-washed us to believe eating animals was what we had to do, so I never asked so many questions about it, but I never mistreated animals on the other hand, so there was a bit of a contradiction in me. Years later, internet and the flow of huge rivers of information made me realize that as a child my instinct wasn't wrong. So I decided to inform myself and had the chance to surround by people with the same crazy vegan ideas. 

In my non-vegan days when I was 22 years young, I was a basketball player and I studied English Teaching. So with my team we had won a game and I had passed a very important exam and got drunk in a party where a guy offered me to be a model. By that time, I thought modeling is the kind of job handsome guys and most of the time beautiful girls do, promoting some product in the supermarket or on the street. Trust me, that if I was sober or knew what modeling was about, I would have never said yes to the proposal. After three months I was working as a professional model in Buenos Aires still discovering that world, and three months after I had my first international trip.
I worked so far in more than 20 countries as a model and actor. I like to be an actor because every time I work, I think of myself as a different character from the previous job, and completely separate from myself. I love TV Commercials and artistic jobs. Of course this statement does not come out of the blue. I am an actor and I am also developing my career on that area. I do Improvisational theatre and Cinema and considering that I am living in Italy, besides from the languages that I speak already (English, Spanish and Portuguese), it keeps me working on getting my Italian as neutral as possible.“
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Tiziano S.

Bookable from Milan

Height 186 cm
Dress 50 eu
Shoes 44
Breast 99cm/39“ cm
Waist 81cm/32“ cm
Hips 99cm/39“ cm
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Blonde