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Desirée Lundberg started modeling as a hobby when she was 15teen years old. A few years after, when she moved to Sydney, Desiree got signed with a professional modeling agency and her career began from there.
„I absolutely love to work with brands that makes an effort to make a difference. Doesn’t matter whether it’s environmental, working conditions or using more sustainable materials. All steps towards a more sustainable future are amazing. 
Besides modeling, I study Public Relations & Marketing in Copenhagen.“

Desirée went vegetarian when she was 10 years young.
„I didn’t want to harm animals but I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that some people chose to be vegan? Milk can't hurt animals right? It took me 12 more years to look into the subject and when I realized, that I was fooling myself, I started my fully vegan journey. 
I wouldn't say that I know everything about veganism, since I learn more and more for everyday that goes by.
I love that I'm evolving and getting to know new sides of myself. Mostly I just feel the need to make a difference, which I know being vegan does. Also I want to inspire people as much as I can since I know that a plant based diet can make you feel so much better than eating meat and dairy. But I still feel humble regarding the fact, that most people don't even think about these things.“

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Desiree L.

Bookable from Stockholm

Height 157 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 37.5
Breast 78cm
Waist 65 cm
Hips 76 cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde