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Kiko started modeling, when she got scouted at age 13teen on the street of Tokyo. Since her priority was on studying, she officially signed with her first modeling agency only after she turned 16teen years old. Kiko was told, that she was to tall for the Japanese market, so she decided to study abroad in Canada, where she learnt to speak english fluently.

Soon, she got signed with two modeling agencies in Canada and her career started rolling. „I was told to lose weight although I’d been always naturally skinny. But the natural skinniness wasn’t enough for the high fashion industry.

They told me to lose 5 kg in one week at the age of 17teen. So I did, with no knowledge on nutrition! I lost an insane amount of weight in a short period of time, and became anorexic. I was at risk of getting a heart attack, since I was so thin. After that, I got signed to the other modeling agency, which is one of the top agencies in the world, but they asked me if I could do plastic surgery to make my nose more slim and delicate and do Invisalign for my teeth. These negative comments were a lot for a 17teen year-old girl and they made me not only have an eating disorder, but also have a low self-esteem. Today, I would label myself as an ethical model because I empower young women to honor their own bodies and love themselves through my work - not just to be famous. As an ethical model, I wish to support ethical fashion brands that are more sustainable for the environment, animals, workers, and our overall health. I do care about how models are treated under any circumstances too.

Besides modeling, I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specialized in helping women gain a healthy relationship with food and themselves as well as in plant-based nutrition. This is my true passion. Other the that, since I live in France now and I go to Sorbonne University to learn French as well as work as a babysitter.

Kiko is passionately vegan since 2014 „In my health coaching program, I always talk about plant-based, vegan lifestyle, since it helped me to recover and heal from my eating disorder. Through this lifestyle, I learned how to love myself and my body by loving other animals, being kind to others, and working on my spirituality. It was a sustainable solution for my health too because when you eat plant-based, you’ll naturally cut out processed foods. Instead, you’ll eat more whole foods that truly nourish your body and your mind. It has taught me how to listen to my body, rather than getting stuck in the dieter’s dilemma (a trap: desire to be thin dieting Cravings Loss of control Regain of weight loss).“
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Bookable from Paris

Height 180 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 38
Breast 84cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 89 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown