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When Aletta was 16teen years old, she was asked to model for a fashion shoot. At that moment, she started to be more engaged in the modeling industry. She started studying medicine when she was 18teen and did some modeling jobs besides her study but during her internships, after graduating and starting to work as a cosmetic doctor she was not able to pursue a full-time modeling career.

„Besides modeling, I still work as a Cosmetic doctor but now, I will be traveling a lot with my boyfriend for some quality time together and I have more time and am more flexible to do modeling jobs as well!“

Aletta follows passionately the vegan lifestyle since august 2017
„I have always been intrigued by the human body & health and decided to do a master in orthomolecular therapy after my general medicine study. This study is all about how we can prevent and even heal diseases by changing our diet and lifestyle.
Most animal products are not helping with that at all, they’re mostly causing problems, and so I decided to start eating plant-based and I love it! Besides, the idea of contributing to animal cruelty in the horrible food industry with the environmental consequences makes me feel very bad. So now I’m not only doing my body a huge favor eating delicious & healthy food, but also my mind, the animals and the planet benefit from me being vegan.“

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Aletta d.

Bookable from Netherlands

Height 175 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 38
Breast 86cm
Waist 64 cm
Hips 92 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown