Bali Rodriguez started modeling back in the year 2000, when she was 16 years old and met a vegetarian Australian model in Costa Rica, that guided her into the business and taught her about the vegetarian diet. Bali moved to Sydney Australia right afterwards and started modeling with Priscillas modeling agency.

She was able to live the golden years of modeling before Facebook or social media and has been in the business for 17teen years.

Bali was on several magazine covers and modeled for main advertising campaigns all over the world.
„I enjoyed every single day, since modeling was just so easy for me since I adored fashion and photography and always understood about lighting and versatility in a model - clients usually love seeing me work.

My only bad experience was that I was raped in Milan while some of the promoters there took me out. I was also sexually harassed by a booker in Milan, but life has a way to show you strength in bad times.“

„I became a vegetarian pescatarian when I was 16 and by 2004 I was raw vegan but because I traveled so much and there were so little options during those years, that I had to be a bit more flexible and was vegan always at home and vegetarian when I traveled. The past few years veganism got more popular and theres more opportunities all over, so I have been able to strictly be vegan 100% anywhere I go. I stay raw vegan during breakfast and lunch and for dinner I usually cook something vegan. Some days when its hot I am raw vegan all day. What inspired me, has many reasons why - the planet in whole, environmentally, for the animals and for peoples health. Too many are still living the lies of advertising companies, but people need to know the truth. Besides modeling, I am currently the representative of Anonymous for the Voiceless in Costa Rica and building a vegan cheese line and a dog hotel.“

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Bali R.

Bookable from New York

Height 173 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 38.5
Breast 88cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 86 cm
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown