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Dominique Jeffries is a new Face in the modeling industry.
„I had always modeled growing up, but after graduating from college in 2015, I decided that modeling is what truly makes me happy.
I grew my portfolio shooting with local photographers in Kentucky and decided to move to Miami to pursue modeling full time. I am now signed with a modeling and talent agency in Miami and eager to collaborate and work with clients and photographers to build my portfolio. I couldn’t be more grateful to start this new journey!

Besides modeling, I am also a hostess at a restaurant that serves mostly American food with lots of meat, dairy and heavy cream. Some people would think working there would be hard to stay committed to my plant-based diet but really it is a constant reminder of the way I used to feel when I ate meat and dairy.
Because of that, it strengthens my commitment and keeps me disciplined to eating the fruits and vegetables I’ve prepared at home.“

Dominique follows a plant-based diet since beginning of 2018, when she moved to Miami, Florida from Louisville, Kentucky.
„In 2016, my family and I began researching the effects meat, dairy, and processed foods have on our body and we together committed to a plant-based diet for an entire summer. When summer was over we found it difficult to maintain that lifestyle throughout the winter. However, since that summer I always yearned to get back to a plant-based diet. I noticed the positive effects it had on my skin, body, and even my mind.
Ultimately what inspired me to become plant-based was becoming more knowledgeable about the correlation between meat and dairy to majority of the chronic and deadly diseases in America and around the world. I wish I could have shared this information with my grandparents who have passed away too soon so that they too could have change their diet and possibly have lived a longer and healthier life. Because they weren’t able to do it, I decided to honor their lives by no longer consuming foods that are not beneficial to my health.
My weekly diet mostly consists of lots of vegetables, fruits and healthy carbs.
It’s so refreshing to wake up in the morning and taste the sweetness of a pineapple or cantaloupe—I feel like I’m rewarding my body.
When I am not at home cooking, I like to venture out and try new vegan restaurants and dishes as a splurge to my regular diet.“
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Dominique J.

Bookable from Miami

Height 175 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39.5
Breast 89cm
Waist 66 cm
Hips 91 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown