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„I became Vegetarian at 14 when I learned in school how livestock is being held and treated.
I was completely repelled and emotionally affected by the cruelty and the mass production of live animals.
Additionally I felt I didn't want to be part of that cycle of use and abuse if I could.
And so my journey began as well as my international modeling career at 16.
But by 18 and my international travels, with little nutritional education and little money I became anemic and "had" to start eating meat again.
I didn't really like it and by the time I met my husband 7 years later (who is Vegan) I jumped fully into being Vegan as my spiritual work also continued and the burden of eating meat laid heavy on my soul.

What inspired you to be vegan and what kind of vegan diet do you follow?
So really my Soul, Yoga and then ultimately my husband inspired me to be Vegan.
Before I met him being Vegetarian made sense, but going Vegan felt like there was not enough to eat.
Through his cooking and education in how easy, nutritious and delicious it can be I became vegan about 10 years ago.

My Vegan diet consists of lots of fresh greens, seasonal vegetables, avocados everyday, sauerkrauts and kimchies ,beans, homemade hummus, homemade cashew milks,homemade cashew cheeses, lentil soups , chillies, baked chocolate beet cake, cashew yoghurt, all Gluten free Breads and I also eat mostly Soy free. I love the Beyond Meat sausages to make a baked zitty, and we like to get inspired by "normal"dishes and how to make them Vegan. As of recently we are obsessed making our fries in an Airfryer, so much healthier as you barely need any oil and frying other vegetables that way works great too!

Regarding my modeling career: I started Modeling at the tender age of 10 as a child model in Hamburg, Germany.
At the age of 11 I was discovered by John Casablancas and met him personally when I signed my first grown up modeling contract. This is the late 90's , so all the Top Models were signed to his agency. 
But I didn't start traveling till the age of 16 (when I signed to IMG worldwide.)
I then moved to London,Paris and then eventually New York., with little pit stops in Spain, Japan, South Africa and Italy.
I am now based in Los Angeles.  
My experience is so vast since I literally grew up in the industry on a global level.
I am thankful to be able to bring my talents to so many brands over more than 2 decades.
It's been a journey of so many cities and highlights as well as hardships.
The modeling industry is one of the toughest, so I am glad to see the #metoo movement expose the things that have been in the shadows and the predators of the fashion industry being exposed. I believe it's safer now, especially for young Models coming into it. 
Overall I had and am having a vast mix of editorial, advertising and catalogue work. 
I am very versatile in looks, so it's easy to change me into a bombshell look or a very down to earth woman. 
This I believe has been one of my biggest assets along with my classic beauty and natural talent in front of the camera.
Besides modeling, I have a Band called "Radiant Reveries". We are about to release our latest recorded album with our first single "Missing"
I play guitar, write songs, play percussion and sing.
When I am not totally busy modeling and playing or recording new songs I love to Photograph, you can find my photo work on my instagram page @karolinawallacephotography
I also art direct at times. 
And occasionally teach yoga since I got certified 10 years ago in NYC. I have a few simple and free Yoga lessons on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfHL69Miv3AgPBhpWd_Yew 
Planning to add more from sunny beautiful California soon.“
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Karolina W.

Bookable from Germany

Height 177 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 86 cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 91 cm
Eyes Blue Green
Hair Brown