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Kellie Mendoza went vegan in the end of January 2016.
„I got inspired to be vegan from watching a show "Wendy Williams" and the guest was Russell Simmons. He was speaking about a book he wrote called "Happy Vegan" and all the negative sides of the food industry on meat and Dairy. So that same day I went to the bookstore and bought the book and started from there. It took me about 2 days to read the book. Afterwards I was hooked and looked up YouTube videos like „Farm to fridge“ and educated myself about the industry.
My diet consist of fruits vegetables my replacement meets would be mushrooms, since I don't really eat the vegan meat they have on shelfs, because it's usually high in sodium and I would also like to be healthy vegan not just vegan.“

Kellie Mendoza started modeling, when she was 19ten with an agency in New York. Her first big job was a music video for Whitney Houston. After that other jobs followed soon.
„I've had tons of experience in the modeling industry which includes runways, photo shoots magazines, commercials, and music videos. Even though with all my experience I still learn every time I have a casting or a job and never stop soaking up knowledge for this industry. With the new social media networking my career developed even more rapidly and it is a little more easier.
Besides modeling I'm a full-time mom. So if I'm not modeling or at an audition I'm probably making breakfast, lunch and dinner, walking my dog and cleaning the house."
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Kellie M.

Bookable from Miami

Height 178 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 81cm
Waist 61 cm
Hips 93 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown