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Milene started modeling when she was 16teen years old. She was discovered in a shopping mall from a booker of a prestige modeling agency in Brazil, who invited her to come in for a casting. The agency invested in Milene’s career, to the point when she became a regular part at all the major fashion weeks in Brazil and was photographed with Tyra Banks for the „American Next Top Model“, as a model for the Ford Models Agency.

Milene’s first international work was in Tel Aviv, where she did all the top fashion shows. She also did big campaigns for brands such as Renuar, Fox and Galit Levi. Afterwards Milene worked in Athens and I did TV commercials for Nestle, Kinder Bueno and also several other fashion shows. In Milan, she worked with Roberto Cavalli and did many editorials for VOGUE.

„I feel very connected to mother nature and the animal kingdom. I've been vegetarian for 8 years, and I decided to become vegan in 2017. I want to see the world changing and I felt that I needed to take the lead, and be the change that I want to see in the world. I also felt a strong desire to become a role model and inspire people to be more conscious with their decisions. I want to inspire people to change some of their bad habits, and I want to help people become more conscious about environmental problems and about what they consume.

I follow a strict vegan gluten-free diet. I've always enjoyed eating a delicious and healthy meal. Now, I am passionate about discovering new and amazing vegan restaurants and discovering new vegan recipes. I really enjoy convincing people that are not vegan to try something like vegan tacos when we are in Mexico City, and seeing the look on there faces when they realize that it's more delicious than the ones that have meat.“

„When I met my husband in Brazil, while studying medicine and I decided to move to LA with him and focus again full-time on modeling, but to do things differently than before. I only want to work with conscious brands and projects that have an impact. Besides modeling, I'm building a web platform named Conscious Origins where we help people become more conscious about their consumption practices. I'm also working on my own fair trade bikini line.

I am looking forward to using my image to help promote veganism and a more conscious lifestyle. I want to do my part in creating a better future for this world.“
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Milene C.

Bookable from LA

Height 174 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 37.5
Breast 81cm
Waist 64 cm
Hips 89 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown