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Rosalyne has many experience in fashion & artistic runway shows for different couturiers, designers and hairdressing brands.
But she also did several shootings for online-shops, catalogs, look-books and editorials and a few commercials jobs, where she acted for video campaigns.
While Rosalien was studying in a fashion illustration school in Paris, she was a dresser during fashion week for Haute couture fashion shows as JPG, Chanel and Christian Lacroix.
„I was very far to imagine that one day it would be me on catwalks!
After the school, I started some few photo shoots with photographers. One day, a photographer advised me to post an online book and so I did.
Soon after I had plenty of people contacting me for all kind of jobs and got spotted quickly by modeling agencies this way.
I realized there was a real potential in the modeling industry, so I never asked myself too many questions and since it worked well, modeling became quickly my main profession.
I’ve worked with different French & Parisian agencies, but was also able to work as a freelance model.“

Rosalyne was born as a vegetarian, because of her parents and gradually developed toward veganism in the year 2009.
She is now officially vegan, since 2015.
„After all my past being vegetarian, becoming vegan is something so clear and natural for me.
Furthermore, being vegan is a question of wanting deep harmony:
Harmony with our beautiful planet, with all living beings including humans & animals and our own health and spirituality.
I also have a sister that is a raw vegan Chef, which is pure magic and art to me. She transforms any vegetables into a delicious masterpiece!
Few years ago, she introduced the whole family to this incredible and avant-garde food, so had a real revelation because of her! I knew it was the right way to take and that one day we all would head toward this, anyway!
 Today, despite of my Parisian lifestyle, I eat organic every day and do my best to regularly eat raw.“

„Besides modeling, I love singing in an international choir and dancing a lot! Lindy hop, Charlestown, and classic dance.
 Also, over the past few years I’ve needed to explore other things so to develop and fulfill myself. Traveling a very long time as a backpacker, has been a starting point to a “new life”. Thereafter I experimented different things, such as: drawing fashion & selling my art; studying sewing and pattern making; organizing shows & shooting for slow fashion labels; And working in a sustainable bridal dresses showroom in Montmartre.“
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Rosalyne K.

Bookable from Paris

Height 178 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 41
Breast 85cm
Waist 65 cm
Hips 95 cm
Eyes Blonde
Hair Blue