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Sophie Thope modeling career started when she got scouted at the age of 15. However she didn’t properly pursue it then as she was occupied with dancing and went to performing arts school. When she was 18, she signed with her first agency close to her hometown and did a few shoots and shows. Soon after Sophie graduated performing arts school, she moved to London and signed with my BMA and has been working with them for since 2015. „I’ve done a variety of different shoots and shows with all kinds of different brands and I also went to Shanghai to model for 3 months which was a great experience and I would love to travel more with modeling. I count myself very lucky that I’m able to do a job that I love and one that never really feels like work. 

Besides modeling I am also a spinning instructor! I love sports and keeping fit and active so I also spend my time doing lots of yoga, pilates and swimming.
I also enjoy cooking and baking and finding new vegan restaurants to eat out in!“

Sophie grew up pescatarian because her parents were.
„The thought of eating animals was always horrific to me from a young age. I then stopped eating fish when I was around 8 years old, as soon as I learnt that fish fingers were actual fish that were alive from the ocean!
But it wasn’t till about 5 years ago that I started thinking about veganism. I had never really thought about where dairy and eggs came from until all of those documentaries like Cowspiracy started coming out. I learnt the truth behind the dairy industry and just couldn’t ignore it. I realized that I wasn’t living in a way which aligned with my morals and started the transition to becoming vegan from there. I’ve now been fully vegan for over 4 years and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. The rest of my family are also now full time vegans too!
I try to eat a healthy vegan diet full of fruits, veggies and whole grains as I am a full believer in you are what you eat! However I do think it’s important to have the odd treat now and again- health is about having a healthy mind too and too much restriction is not good. It’s all about balance!“
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Sophie T.

Bookable from London

Height 178 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 42
Breast 86 cm
Waist 69 cm
Hips 94 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Red