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„I am now mostly vegan, as the supermarket products and restaurant menus are getting better and better. I started cutting out meat when I was fourteen, by then because of my love for animals and some pet rights activist videos I stumbled upon, showing how badly the animals are treated in the meat producing process. That was in the middle of the nineties, far before organic food was hip and widely available.
Overall, there are so many more arguments that lead towards a plant based diet than there are arguments for eating meat. So I think if you are a little smart and somewhat informed about whats going on in our world, a plant based diet is a very logical conclusion:
- less environmental impact (water consumption, less gas produced from kettle)
- less cruelty & killing, happier animals
- plant based tastes better, is more freshly produced (if you go local & organic)
- its better for your health. The nutrients we get from meat can really be replaced with a balanced plant based diet.

Regarding my modeling career, the first time a scout came to me at Octoberfest when I was fifteen, asking me to contact his Agency. By then I was far too shy, even though I thought it could be cool to be a model. It then took another seven years since I was confident enough to start modeling, and it was the perfect addition to studying at university.
I have a lot of positive experiences in the industry. I love working with creative people as photographers, stylists and Make-up artists and it has brought me to great places, meeting interesting personalities, getting out of my comfort zone and learning about life. It definitely brought me more self - esteem and ease as I understood that nobody is perfect and its not to take personal if you do not fit to some jobs. Funnily enough, being in my mid - thirties my career is even better than before and the jobs I get feel matching. It took some time and learning to develop my authenticity, confidence and ease and I think thats my current secret for success which I am happy to share and inspire others.

Besides modeling, I am an architect and Interieur designer, specialized in Sustainability and with a passion for good design based on well thought- over concepts for coping with peoples needs.
Other than that I am passionate for yoga, outdoor sports as hiking, cycling, running and snowboarding and I love art and culture and traveling."
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Veronika W.

Bookable from Munich

Height 177 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 81cm
Waist 63 cm
Hips 92 cm
Hair Brown