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Victoria follows passionately the vegan lifestyle since 2017.
„I became vegan step by step, before i was vegetarian for a very long time and now vegan bc of health, moral and environmental aspects. I always question systems, our daily routine has an enormous influence of our world so we should be absolutely aware of how we create it. Nowadays being vegan is not relinquishing at all anymore, there’re so many options. And in general, doesn’t matter which diet one follows it’s always important to raise awareness for nutrition.

Regarding my modeling career, I started to catch people’s attention via social media, first facebook, later instagram. I got more and more job offers. To be honest I never thought I could work as a model especially not through social media as my own manager. It’s an amazing job and i’m gonna do it as long as possible. I love the versatility, the team work of it and to slip into different roles. Through modeling I discovered my passion for acting.
I professionally work as a freelance model since 2018. I’ve some close long term collaboration partner mostly on the Austrian market, but I’m very excited to focus on working more on the international market. With JSW I found the perfect agency I think.

Besides modeling I’m self-employed, taking care of marketing, event management, social media performance for different companies. Additionally I work as a model and since 2019 also as an actress. I’m the main role of a german series production, already excited about the upcoming projects.“
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Victoria H.

Bookable from Austria

Height 175 cm
Dress 36 eu
Shoes 39
Breast 82cm
Waist 63 cm
Hips 91 cm
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde