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Victoria Petersen started modeling in 2017 in her home country, Argentina. She got scouted through Instagram and started working.
„After a while I realized the market was too small and if I wanted to make a living of modeling, Europe was the place to do so. I took a secretary job and saved money to come to London and tried my luck.
In 2018 I came to London and I built up my Portfolio and a few months after, I got signed with another agency in Milan, who advanced everything for me to go there for three months. There I worked for brands like Miu Miu, Prada, and also did hair campaigns for Wella. 
In August I came back to London and got signed with an agency, the next month I was doing fashion week and worked for many different clients.
Sonn after, I also travelled to Paris to work with other clients. 
I am now based in London, a city I love. But I’m always on the go, ready to travel, which is my favorite thing about modeling. 
Modelling was my dream two years ago, and I followed that dream. Now, after two years, I’ve accomplished that.

Besides modeling, I’ve always been passionate of reading and writing. In words I find a world where shallowness does not exist, nor judgement. It’s a place where I can dream and express myself freely. 
So I’m currently taking a writing course, and writing everyday, about different subjects, mostly about my feelings and how I see the world. Some of my pieces have been published in online magazine, that supports also veganism and sustainability. 
I’m also volunteering as Reader Leader. I organize and lead reading groups weekly, for a non profit organization in London. Because we believe that in reading and words we can find each other.
I’m also very passionately of sports, I do running and swimming almost everyday.

I started my journey into veganism in 2016, when I also started modeling. I wanted to get in my best shape, but also to stay nourished and take care of my body. 
First, I was a vegetarian for three months, during that time I started to incorporate more whole foods into my diet, and slowly reduced animal products. I quickly realized that the days I ate as a fully vegan were the ones when I felt my best, mentally and physically. Of course all this led me to investigate more about it, and I soon became aware of all the things I was putting in my body, and of course, and most importantly, about the animals. 
I’ve always loved animals, and I cannot believe it took me so long to become vegan. 
Being vegan has opened my heart, my mind and my eyes. I consider every single being in this planet my equal, animals have a beating heart just like ours, and they have the same right to live as we do. 
Being vegan has also opened many other doors for me because it has taught me to be aware of how my everyday action affects the world and those who surround me. That’s why I think it also extremely important to make the best decisions we can for our planet, by reducing plastic consumption, using sustainable fabrics, etc.
And most important of all, I think being vegan is about being kind. We need to be kind to each other and to the world where we live.“

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Victoria P.

Bookable from London

Height 181 cm
Dress 34 eu
Shoes 40
Breast 80cm
Waist 63 cm
Hips 86 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown